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Bungle Bungles
Wolfe Creek Bungle Combo HCBC
Tour prices | $605 PP 4-5 passengers |
$805 PP 3 passengers | $1,195 PP 2 passengers
FLYING TIME 2 Hours 15 Mins
DEPART 8am or on demand

Tour Highlights

  • Departing Halls Creek your flight heads south crossing the edge of the Albert Edward Range. Much of the rugged terrain below is part of extensive and active pastoral properties.

  • Passing over Ruby Plains Station the flight enters the expanse of the Great Sandy Desert, where two rivers cut their way across the desert like lifelines and in the distance the lonely shape of Wolfe Creek Crater seems to erupt from the desert floor.

  • Following numerous orbits of the crater, allowing for extensive photo opportunities a course is set northward, passing overhead significant features such as, Sawtooth Gorge, Palm Springs Oasis, Ruby Queen and Mt Bradley Gold Mines, the Panton River and Alice Downs Homestead.

  • The flight turns North East and descends to join the aerial circuit over the Purnululu National Park, commonly known as the Bungle Bungle. The contrast of the sheer sandstone walls to the west and the beehive shaped towers to the east offer fantastic photo opportunities.

  • Upon leaving the circuit, 3 rivers, the Elvire, Panton and Ord all join up and carve a single path across the landscape to empty into Lake Argyle to the north.

  • China Wall - a lengthy vein of exposed Quartz, which seems to divide the Old Halls Creek township and present day Halls Creek.

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