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Lake Argyle Bungle Combo - HCLA
Tour prices | $630 PP 4-5 passengers |
$835 PP 3 passengers | $1,245 PP 2 passengers
FLYING TIME 2 Hours 40 Mins
DEPART 8am or on demand

Tour Highlights

  • Take off to the north towards the Macintosh Hills estimated to be 1840 million years old, representing some of the oldest rocks in the Kimberley.

  • Turning north east your flight descends into the aerial circuit over the Purnululu National Park. The Beehive Features are sandstone and the coloured rings, bands of algal coated iron and manganese.

  • The flight turns north traversing a number of pastoral properties before the Argyle Diamond Mine comes into view. Some 20 million carats per year has been recovered since the mine was commissioned in Dec 1985.

  • One of the greatest jewels in the Kimberley crown is Lake Argyle covering roughly 900 square kilometres and up to 2000 sq km when in flood.

  • You will see to the north the Diversion Dam wall - 335m in length and 100m above the river level below. The dam was constructed in 1971 and filled to capacity in 1974.

  • Enjoy the vast scenery as the flight tracks back to Halls Creek along Lake Argyle's eastern shore.

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