Bungle Bungle Scenic Ground & Overnight Tour HCBGO
Tour prices | Starting from $1,450 PP 
*Children rates available
FLYING TIME - 1 Hours 20 Mins
DEPART DAY 1 -  9am
RETURN DAY 2 - 11am
PLEASE BRING - Camera, overnight bag *no more than 5kgs*

Tour Highlights

  • Your flight turns to the North East and after a short time crosses the Ord River while descending to enter the aerial circuit of the Purnululu National Park. You will notice the contrast between the sandstone cliffs to the west and Beehive domes rising to the east.

  • On completing the circuit the flight descends to join other visitors to the National Park and Bellburn Camp airstrip.

  • You are met by your ground operator, Bungle Bungle Guided Tours for a 4wd ride into the heart of the Bungles.

  • Your 3km round walk takes you through Picanninny creek then along a gorge path that cuts the Beehive Domes. Take in exotic flora unique to this area.

  • The walk stops halfway at the colossal Cathedral Gorge. This natural amphitheatre towers above you. Here you stop for lunch and to soak up the ambience and serenity.

  • Returning from your walk you are driven to Savannah Lodge where you will experience the best of Australia's remote outback, a buffet dinner and breakfast the following morning before your departure.

  • Upon leaving the Bungles, your flight crosses the 3 rivers - Elvire, Panton and Ord which join up to feed Lake Argyle and tracks along the Albert Edward and Elvire range before turning westward.

  • Before descending into Halls Creek you'll see Caroline Springs, Osmond Valley and China Wall - a lengthy, exposed quartz vein that seemingly divides old and Present day Halls Creek townships. 

Open 7 days a week:

Charter 7 days a week 

Tours 7 days a week

Stan Tremlett Drive, Halls Creek Airport, Halls Creek WA 6770


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